Grooming Boys & Men of Color

Today's Student's, Tomorrow's Leaders


We provide young men with professional development trainings that will prepare them for college & today’s economy


Our Modules includes the following:  

Defining Your Professional Look

  • Understanding the various dress codes
  • What to wear & when to wear it
  • How to tie a tie
  • How to shop on a budget

College Readiness 

  • Why is college important?

  • What should you study in college?

  • How to go to college for free?

Physical Health 

  • Exercise Regiments 
  • What are we really eating? 
  • How to prevent generational illness 


  • What problem do you want to solve in your lifetime

  • How to turn your passion into a business

  • How to create a product & bring it to market 

Decision Making  

  • How to make the right decision with limited information
  • The harmful effects of procrastination
  • Emotion vs Reason

Social Media Etiquette

  • Cyber Bullying

  • What are the do’s & don’t of social media

  • How to leverage social media to increase social capital  

Effective Communication Strategies

  • Understanding verbal & non-verbal communications
  • How to command attention with your presence
  • Effective public speaking exercise
  • Elevator pitch exercise  

Career Readiness 

  • The future of employment 

  • Automation & Artificial Intelligence

  • How to choose the right career

Mental Health 

  • How to deal with conflicts

  • How to address Trauma in your life 

  • Stress management

Financial Literacy

  • How does money work?

  • The art of budgeting

  • Saving & Investing

Defining Your Future  

  • Outlining your goals

  • Action steps on how to live a productive life

  • Vision board exercise

Police / Community Relations 

  • What is the role of police?

  • How can we work the police to make the community stronger?

Here's What to Expect 

Hands on Workshops, Groomed Success

Interactive Workshops  

Hands on experience with putting knowledge into practice daily which helps your scholars to feel more confident.


Project Base, Workshops

Group Projects 

Guided team talks that bring forth participation, communication, deep thought, and application.


Black Men, Groomed Success

Seasoned Professionals  

A curated group of professionals generous with sharing both knowledge and connections.

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Comfortable Class Size 

We encourage class sizes of less than 30 students.


Our Services Includes: 

In School Workshops

Youth Conferences

Parent Engagement Workshops

Leadership Trainings

After School Programs